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Get Over Being Bullied!
Or how a mother has hard time to accept that her daughter did something bad

ToleranceDay_Vogue_2017.11.10 (1) 2
9 Kill'em With Kindness Jenny
9 Help Someone Jenny
Ugly Label
I'm terrified that they might make fun of how I look(FranceAnneLouiseMelindo).
12-adobespark- Camille
9 telephone game and rumors Jenny
Sept 12 SCHOOL friends Jenny
Sept 17 SCHOOL not enough Jenny
Setp 15 dont regret anything SCHOOL Jenny
Sept 2 we all make mistakes SCHOOL Jenny
7 SCHOOL procrastinating Jenny
Sept 1 SCHOOL stress Jenny
9 SCHOOL important to move forward jenny
7 vent or rant to me
17th Post Topic # 2-a Love Letter to Yourself

16 and Making Peace With Not Having a Car
When you talk about wanting a car, parents will be there to crush your dreams...

What Helped Butterscotch Cope With Depression and Anger
In this interview with Give Us The Floor member Savanna, singer and champion beatboxer Butterscotch talks about...

No, I Am Not Too Young to Know Love
“You don’t know what love is because you’re too young.”I hear this phrase on TV all the time. I hear it from the people around me, from adults who tell me but is this really true...

A Letter to Terrified, Pre-College Me
Dear Past Me, no matter what school you go to, you’re going to get a great education and start a new chapter in your life. Try not to worry about where that happens, and just focus on preparing yourself for the transition...

Illuminate Has Dedicated a Light to Give Us The Floor!
Here's a big thanks to Illuminate's Bay Lights for dedicating a light on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco to Give Us The Floor. You're helping us shine all throughout San Francisco and beyond!...

Why Trump’s Presidency Increases My Anxiety
Leading up to the election, there was no doubt in my mind America was about to see its first female president. I had no anxiety about the election, there was no chance that America would elect a man who spewed as much hatred...

Hayley Reardon: Her Struggles, Her Blessings
Savanna and Jessica sit down to chat with singer/songwriter Hayley Reardon. Hayley, whose music has been called "brilliantly moving folk/pop with a lyrical depth and soul", talks about the challenges...

Why I Feel Pressured Yet Grateful to Learn Another Language
In my school, we’re required to study a foreign language for 2 years in order to graduate high school. The language class I took during my freshman year was Spanish...

Am I Good Enough Yet?
The past four years have been nothing but trial and error, trying new and expensive ways to make my body look better and make it look like all those supermodels I see on TV...

18 and Battling to Feel Beautiful, Inside and Out
As a young adult, I constantly feel a pendulum of emotions. Today’s emotion is obligation and insecurity over social appearance. I’ve grown in a society where one’s beauty and personality...

望子成龍, Thriving Despite My Demons
In my freshman year of high school, I fell into a deep depression. I wanted to create something for myself that was positive and genuine. While trying to channel something positive, I found myself being bullied by my peers...

No, I Am Not Too Young to Know Love
He said I deserved better...Young love. The juxtaposition of these two words are enough to make one cry. The beautiful pain it is to be both young and in love is almost poetic....

Why Dress Code is Damaging Teens
When schools constantly enforce the idea that shoulders are distracting because they suggest sexuality, they’re essentially implying that a female’s body is to be viewed as a sex object...

Finding who I am: My Bi(g) Pride
My sexuality has been an ongoing battle within myself for a while.
I first started questioning it when I was in eighth grade. When I came to a conclusion, it made sense to me but I felt...

Presidential Election: Why The Older Generation Should Listen To Us
Just because we can’t vote doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a voice...

I am Fear, I am Love
I am Fear
I come to you in the darkness
When you are feeling weak and vulnerable

Are We There Yet?
Have you ever been stuck in a tunnel for a long period of time, with a whole bunch of people that you don’t like?...

Teens Take The Floor: Body Image & Academic Pressure
Art, music, poetry, dance, video and photography, teens take the floor in a variety of ways to share this same message: "You don't have to change a thing. You're beautiful just the way you are."